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"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create but by what we refuse to destroy."
        - John Sawhill, past president of the Nature Conservancy

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NE Florida, including Ft. George Island, Guana River, and Sierra Club outings with updated maps


The Waterfalls SiTe

A directory to Waterfall sites around the world at http://waterfalls.nature.st
Bear falls, Telluride, Colorado, USA on The Waterfall SiTe

Mt. McKinley, Alaska. Photos of Alasa wildlife, kayaking in Prince William Sound, College Fjords, canoeing the Deleware River


Explore environmental issues, join the Sierra Club, or browse and enjoy the site.

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Kayaker's waterfalls from Alaska to Florida Kayaker's waterfalls: a collection of photos of waterfalls  sighted while canoeing, kayaking, and hiking in   Alaska, Colorado, Ozarks, Oregon, Georgia other scattered places including the only NATURAL waterfall in Florida (yes there is one with over a 60 ft. drop

  FEATURED SITE: Outstanding photos and information nowhere else available in one location.
The Secret Waterfalls of New Jersey  Secret Waterfalls of New Jersey, photos, descriptions, hikes, location.

"The BIRDS SiTe"
Birds around the world
The Bird SiTE at www.birds.st - burrowing owl, Salton See, Califonia

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An oak caught in a springtime flood of the Kern River, CA. in the California Audubon Society's Kern River Preserve, and other images from nature.