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The Nature SiTe photos - Oaks on Big Talbot Is., Florida, USA
Oaks. Big Talbot Island, Florida, USA

NE Florida

more photos and a map update NEW ! updated map of the trails on Ft. George Island.
Explore from the links below, near the shell.
Now including a map of the area locating the places described. (to left of shell below)
Also, pages with photos and descriptions of some recent NE FL Audubon and Sierra club outings, including: Durbin Cr., Guana River State Park, Ft. George Islnad, Talbot Is., Theodore Roosevelt Area of Timucuan Preserve, and more.
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LINKS to other NE FLORIDA Nature and Environment Sites -
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(SC)-Sierra Club outing (AS)-Audubon Society Outing
Click here to see a map of the Jacksonville area, locating these sites.
* Birds of NE Florida at "The BIRD SiTe" HOME at www.Birds.ST
* Ft. George Island, maps, photos, trails. (SC)
* Durbin Creek Canoeing a Sierra Club canoe outing (SC)
* Little Talbot Island (SC)
* Guana River State Park (SC)
* and Theodore Roosevelt Area (Willie Browne trail) (SC)



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