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Nature and environment sites hosted on "The Nature SiTe" and presented by individules with a nature and envirornment theme.

"views" of Nature by our category editors. These may be photos, stories, discussions, and information on nature and the environment.

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  "The Nature SiTe"RN is here to provide a home on the net for the "rest of us", a forum for photographs, stories, articles, information, artistic works, and links to/about the environment, and enjoyment of nature and the outdoors.
    This may be through having your web pages hosted at one of "The Nature SiTe"RN's several environment and nature theme domains, or you can edit a "VIEWS of NATURE"category or subject section, or as information posted on one of the forums, by a link to another web site that may be interesting or informative about nature, the environment and other aspects of being outdoors on our beautiful planet.

    Looking for this domain name one finds most of the nature related names taken and either being held for sale or being used by a single company, often for a product or service unrelated (IMO) to the domain name. What is provided here is a central web site where now anyone can have a web presence with a domain name related to their nature and environment material.
By offering subdomains [,], subdirectories (,    www.birds/NewYork/ ), email addressed (, etc. at affordable rates, and free web based email, free links to your own site, and more, we won't tie nature and the environment to just one person or one company. So checkout the free and low cost web addresses, email addresses, and other services.
    "The Waterfalls SiTe" domains are a little different in that, besides the hosting, URL addresses, email addresses, it also has the goal of being "the" comprehensive directory to all the world's waterfall sites. There are free links to any waterfall site listed by geographic area. For a small fee a site can add a graphic and description and be placed in the featured area. There are now five waterfall site domains:   and, with more to come.
    There will also be some ads and links to products and services that aid in or are used to enjoy nature. For instance, see the links around this page to check out our Camping store for all your outdoor gear needs. Also, in our bookstore you should be able to find any book you need about ourdoor enjoyment. If you have a favorite book or guide, let us know we can feature it.
    As this is obviously a huge task, it depends on visitors to "The Nature SiTe"RN contributing in any way they can. If you have a nature site, get a description and a link posted     [It's FREE],     if you have a product to advertise submit it for review, if you have stories, information, or/and photo to add to an existing topic, or want to start and maintain a new one, contact us. If you want to host your nature or environment related site here at "The Nature SiTe"RN contact us, the cost is surprisingly low.
Add your web pages to the Web Site Ring on the Birds SiTe main page. It's for all nature sites not just for the birds!

Get your free WEB based @NatureWeb, @NatureMail, @NatureSite,@BirdWatcher, or @Birder e-mail address. Or POP and forwarding accounts are available for,,,,, @NatureMail.WS and others for a small annual fee.
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    Remember, if you have one to add contact us. Check the links often to see new additions.

Most of all ENJOY "The Nature SiTe"

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